Dive into the Random Generation of Planet Diver

The concept is simple: Plummet through space in search of labyrinthine planet chasms to explore. Planet Diver asks players to take the plunge into the unknown, literally, with their trusty robot companion, Buddy.

This procedurally-generated action-adventure is led by a daredevil heroine seeking new thrills. Progression is always marked by downward descent. It’s fast-paced and full of obstacles and lethal enemies for players to master and destroy. The randomly-generated aspect to the world’s seventy-five levels requires total attentiveness to avoid a death that may come unexpectedly.

planet diver

The game’s levels are scattered across three planets and nine biomes, giving players different types of foes and environments throughout the campaign. When the story is finished, there is a challenge mode for each planet that offers a never-ending dive to reach personal high scores, as well as gain a spot on the public leaderboards. An in-game shop offers unlocks, additional suits, weapon modifications and upgrades, and soundtrack music.

Fabraz Games’s Planet Diver is the small studio’s third major release after Cannon Crasha and Wild Wild Pixel. Created in 4,500 hours of development time over the course of just a single year, Planet Diver is attempting to mirror the success of rogue like games such as Spelunky, The Binding of Issac and Rogue Legacy.

Planet Diver is set to release on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux for $3.99 USD, and iOS and Android for $1.99 on December 1.

For more information check out Planet Diver on Twitter, and on the official website.