DISTRAINT Puts a Price on Humanity

The lengthy gameplay trailer for DISTRAINT seems to give a pretty good idea of what the game is like, and yet there’s still more to learn about the 2D horror than it seems. By design, the game is a psychological, dark adventure where appearances are misleading.

Price is an ambitious young man who wants to make a lot of money. He’s also a debt collector, and his task is to seize the property of an elderly lady who’s behind on her payments. Though he has some qualms about his job, he manages to find her shoddy apartment and fulfills his task. But the unfolding events take a surreal spin as the bloody remains of a person disappear and an elephant chases Price across one of the apartments.


DISTRAINT focuses on telling a story about Price’s regrets, so the emphasis is put on an atmospheric soundtrack and a slim, minimal interface. The creator aims to fill the 2D horror novel with black humor, weird places, and surprising situations.


Said creator, Jesse Makkonen, is creating DISTRAINT as a side project while working on The Human Gallery, another horror title. He plans on releasing DISTRAINT this Halloween. Makkonen’s website for the game lists a percentile progress, some statistics, and even a list of bands he’s listened to while developing.

Meanwhile, the psychological horror game went up on Steam Greenlight and is looking for votes to secure distribution on the service. It will be compatible with Windows when it releases.

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