Distant Star: Revenant Fleet Needs Some Space

Space! So much space. We’re in space.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is the new RTS game from developer Blazing Griffin. In Revenant Fleet, you are in control of a damaged A’kari fleet — the A’kari being descendants of the first space-faring humans — and you must defeat the rival Orthani faction. As an A’kari, you and yours consider yourselves the last “proper” humans. Whether or not you actually are, the Orthani are planning something even worse than “The Sacking of Mars,” a terrible event wherein the A’kari home world of Mars was razed.

Revenant Fleet is an RTS game that, naturally, takes place in space, and so you must command fleets of ships against the Orthani. To keep your combat situations interesting, each galaxy/playthrough is randomly generated, and you have a variety of decisions to make over the course of the narrative. The game features permadeath, meaning you’ll have to be very careful as you maneuver your fleet through each encounter. To help you in your fight against the Orthani and death, you will be able to acquire permanent upgrades to your ships and your damage output, as well as train some ships into higher level, deadlier units.

Revenant Fleet screenshot

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet enters its early Alpha today (November 12th, if you’re reading this in the future) for Windows PCs. You can pick it up on their page for at least £4.99 GBP (though you also have the option to pay more if you want to support the developer). There is currently no release date, though Blazing Griffin plans to put Revenant Fleet up on Steam Greenlight some time soon.

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