Discover Who you Are in One Dog Story

One Dog Story1

People take a lot of care when it comes to their origins; a sense of pride or responsibly about where they’re from as well as their upbringing. But what if a person doesn’t know any of that, their entire life a mystery. This is the story that BigWay Games wants to tell in their new action adventure platformer One Dog Story.

Players step into the role of a creature named EO-43 right after a major accident occurred in the lab EO-43 was created in. Their goal is to help EO find its true identity and learn who’s behind the accident. Player’s choices throughout the game will impact the story leading the player in different directions. Along the way they’ll meet several characters, some friendly, others not so friendly. Each one of these characters will have their own story for the player to discover. The Unground is a large place, filled with a variety of settings. However, it’s also a dangerous place, players will face off against hordes of enemies and formidable bosses. But, they won’t be helpless as they’ll have access to a wide array of weapons.

One Dog Story is currently on both Steam Greenlight and on Kickstarter. The game is aiming for a release on both Windows PC and Mac. If funding reaches a certain level there will a console release. To learn more about the game and developer BigWay Games, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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