Discover a PvP Espionage Experience in an AI-Controlled City

What Up Games is a small, Washington-based studio that has released casual titles such as Conveyor Mania, Java Tapper, and Dumpster Dash for Android and PC. These have been fast-paced tapper games based around quick response times, but their upcoming title Operation Brasnodar promises something different.


The studio is run by the husband-and-wife team of Stacey Haffner and Ben Haffner, both programmers who founded What Up Games in 2015. They provide tutorials and collaborate with other developers to help them achieve their goals, as well as working on their own titles.

Their upcoming project, Operation Brasnodar, is going to be a “multiplayer tactical espionage game” set in an AI-controlled city. In small PvP teams, players will be able to take on missions or attempt to sabotage the other team’s efforts. More gameplay details will be revealed at a later date. The city will support random building and mission placement, with driver and pedestrian AI that aims to create an immersive environment. The city boasts weather support for rain and snow as well as a day / night cycle. The game represents a change in style for the brand new studio, which is sharing regular progress updates online, so far focusing on the game’s background mechanics.


To follow the development of Operation Brasnodar, check out What Up Games on Twitter, Facebook, or Twitch. Check out the What Up Games website here, which includes links to their previous titles.