‘Dino Run 2’ To Include Indie Game Character Hats; Developers Hosting Live Stream

dino run indie collection

PixelJam recently announced that their co-operative dinosaur racing game Dino Run 2 , previewed at IGM earlier this month, is going to include hats created in the images of many beloved indie game characters, including Tim from Braid, the alien from Alien Hominid, and the spelunker from Spelunky. PixelJam’s love for the indie game scene runs so deep that there are even hats representing games that haven’t even been released yet, like Hyper Light Drifter. Being able to make a velociraptor look like a capybara or a pirate is quite a lighthearted addition to a game centered around trying to avoid extinction by simply running away from it. These hats will also be available in Dino Run: Special Edition, the predecessor of PixelJam’s current project.

Those interested in Dino Run 2 can check out a live stream being hosted by the developers tonight at 9:00 PM EST. They will be answering questions about the game, chatting with the viewers, and racing against anyone willing to in Dino Run: Special Edition. They’ve also invited some other indie game developers to be guests on the stream.

The Kickstarter for Dino Run 2 is still up and running, with ten days and a little under $130,000 left to go.

The developers can be contacted via Twitter @pixeljamgames.