Devouring Stars – Cosmos-harvesting RTS Leaves Early Access

Good news for real-time strategy lovers. Devouring Stars, the cosmos-harvesting RTS developed by one-man studio Nerial and published by Bulkypix, is leaving Early Access for a full release on July 3. As an added bonus, it will launch on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux with 15% off its $9.99 price, for a limited time only.


In Devouring Stars, players take control of a tribe of ‘god-like entities,’ being hunted by four other tribes. These entities have the ability to harvest the stars around them, and turn these resources into methods of protecting themselves from the hostile tribes. Unlike most RTS games, players won’t create ‘buildings,’ which pump out endless soldiers, vehicles, and tech; instead, games will start with a number of randomly-selected ‘entities.’ These entities can then be merged, creating units with different abilities and uses, such as ranged attacks or the skill to freeze opponents.

This means that strategies may change completely from one game to the next, depending on the entities first given. Overall, there are 15 types of entities that can be created, merged from 4 base types; earth, air, fire, water.

The game also boasts single and multiplayer modes, weaponized black holes, and a soundtrack of “epic piano compositions,” which can be purchased separately for $3.99 or as part of a bundle with the game itself.

For more information on how to harvest the stars, head on over to Nerial’s website or Twitter page. Those interested can pick up the game when it releases on July 3.