Devils, Dogs, and Dilemmas Come Together in Seventeen Uncles: A Pug’s Life

The creator of Seventeen Uncles wants to reach back into the charm of 90s cartoons. Partially resurrecting what made these cartoons appeal to all ages, while also taking risks with darker content, is the goal in Seventeen Uncles: A Pug’s Life, an upcoming point-and-click adventure.pug1

Kirk, the titular pug, leads a fulfilling family life as a Grub Relations Executive, working at a factory employing bees for honey production. One day, his wife Dilys becomes ill with an incurable tumor. Fearing there is no saving his partner, Kirk makes the ultimate business deal — an exchange with the devil. However, as per usual, something goes wrong with the agreement and with her soul at stake, Kirk gets pulled into an adventure full of surreal locations. He meets a quirky, colorful cast of animal characters, like armadillos engaged in the occult and bats that sell stink, in classic point-and-click gameplay.  One useful tool in the game is Miss Tick, who travels with Kirk. Anytime the player is stuck on a puzzle, they can consult the tick and get help at the “spoiler degree” they choose.


Seventeen Uncles: A Pug’s Life is gathering funds on Kickstarter now to improve the work of the single developer (pug owner). He produces all the artwork and programming for the game and a lot of the voice-acting, while he’d like to acquire better software and tools to improve their quality. Funds will help pay for artist Ryan Smith’s music for the title.

There’s an alpha demo freely available on the campaign page, and reward ties include physical goods such as t-shirts and little crochet pugs. As little as £7 nets a copy of the game upon release. The developer is also asking for votes on Steam Greenlight, so check out the game on Steam, too.

The pug’s surreal adventure is set to release on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Winter 2015. Read IGM to stay up to date on the project and visit the game’s website.

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