Dev Links: The Lay of the Land


Today’s Developer Links can show you how to take into account aesthetics and composition in your game design, why roguelikes are resurging, and just how to be a better game designer in general.

How To Be A Better Game Designer (Gamasutra)
“Regardless of what kind of game you work on, design leadership is at the center of success or failure,” writes design consultant Phil O’Connor, whose credits include Far Cry 3 andOperation Flashpoint 2. Here are some of his practical tips to help you become a better design leader.”

The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design (Gamasutra)
“What can we learn from the techniques of the Old Masters to help us create more varied and emotionally meaningful gaming experiences? And how must we go about adapting these classical art techniques when we add video gaming’s unique element of interactivity? To explore these questions, this article examines the psychology of shapes and dynamic composition, which are the focus of a series of talks I recently completed around North America…”

An Update To Single Joystick (AltDevBlogADay)
“Two weeks ago I posted an article showing progress on a new type of touch screen joystick, that allows you to move and rotate using a single touch. The response to that was really positive, and so I’ve continued working on it in the background. This is a short post updating on progress.”

Serious Sam Gun Gameplay 1 (Mommy’s Best Devlog)
Serious Sam Double D XXL releases February 20th on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Here’s my first video which details weapons from the game, showing good gameplay uses for all the crazy gun abilities.”

Blackberry Now Filled With A World of Goo (2D Boy)
“World of Goo Corporation is delighted to announce the arrival of World of Goo on BlackBerry 10 devices, available now. ‘With this release, World of Goo is now available on 99.997% of all mobile devices on the planet,’ said World of Goo Corporation’s Assistant Corporate Communications Director. ‘We are especially pleased to launch the very same day as the new BlackBerry 10!‘”

Future Infested Planet Patches (Rocket Bear Games Blog)
“Some of you asked when you’ll be able to see the changes from the Rocket Reports in the game. All of the things that I talked about for the past 3 weeks will be available in a future patch.  I haven’t set a date yet, but I think that a monthly patch would work well.  I will take all the work up to that date and bundle it up into a patch.”

Where I’m @: A Brief Look At The Resurgence of Roguelikes (GamesIndustry)
“I hate roguelikes. They crush me, burn me, drop me in acid and sneak up to stab me in the back. They curse me, break me and mock the very concept of fairness. They kill me. Every. Single. Time.”

Vague Announcements! (Vlambeer)
“We’re well into the new year and we’ve been working like crazy on getting two games done. Obviously, we had originally planned to release LUFTRAUSERS at the tail of last year and then start this year with Ridiculous Fishing somewhere in the first few months of the year. We’re going to vaguely announce that the plans have shifted a bit after a certain large company (that we have worked with before) has been talking to us to maybe try and bring LUFTRAUSERS to at least one handheld and one console device if that means anything to you all.”