Dev Links: The Intangibles


Game music exploration, studio announcements and general tips for indie success – today on Developer Links.

How can game music feel as meaningful as a live experience? (
“Rich “Disasterpeace” Vreeland (Fez) notes music has always been as impermanent as life — a performance was heard once, then gone forever. “This impermanence has great potential to create meaning,” he says. “If you go to a really good show, the event you’re witnessing may even feel important somehow.” The accessibility of recorded music changes that relationship; video game music accustoms us to listening to loops. But could games imitate the impermanence of live music?”

Overgrowth voice control (Wolfire Games)
“Here is the new Overgrowth video!”

This is a screenshot of part of the game that we are currently working on (Tale of Tales)
“This is a screenshot of part of the game that we are currently working on in its dormant state. That is to say what we see through the game camera before we press the Play button.”

Dys4ia post-partum (Auntie Pixelante)
“after friday’s romero’s wives reading, i unwound by delivering a post-partum of my game dys4ia with liz. parham gholami was gracious enough to not only record the thing, but to edit it – my slides weren’t quite working, so there was a little fumbling. you can download the audio recording right here, and the transcript is below. thanks to parham gholami again for creating a transcript of liz’s talk.”

ANGELINA: The Computer Program that Designs Games (Gamasutra)
“From presenting enemies that can attack more convincingly to the reflexive quest structure of Skyrim, there are lots of ways that game developers can make use of artificial intelligence. Michael Cook’s research as part of Imperial College London’s Computational Creativity Group is concerned with just one very simple application, however. That is: can an AI design a game all by itself?”

Introducing: Georgey Massacre (Ska Studios)
“Hard working and soft-spoken, Georgey Massacre is the paladin and woodblock player of the band. GM joined the band during its formative dive-bars-and-community-centers year at the insistence of a family member who wishes to remain anonymous. But don’t let that soft, modestly dressed exterior fool you. Georgey can really keep a rhythm.”

New Star Soccer dev’s tips for indie success (Develop)
“Passion and a willingness to accept inevitable failures in a positive light are key to achieving long-term success in the game industry, says New Star Soccer creator Simon Read.”

BattleBlock Theater Special Unlocks (The Behemoth)
“We have a couple hidden gems that come with BattleBlock Theater for our loyal fans out there. We first brought the alien over from Alien Hominid HD to Castle Crashers XBLA when the game first launched and now we’re doing another cross over!”