Dev Links: Sum of its Parts


Today’s Developer Links include articles on documentation, external content inclusion, and the bogeyman of the indie community.

The Bogeymen of the Indie Scene (Jonas Kyratzes)
“Human beings have always been susceptible to bogeymen. It’s a lot easier to get angry at people instead of getting angry at systems. We are persons, so we seek to personify the world. Thunderbolts come from Zeus, pestilence comes from Yahweh and your indie game problems come from Jonathan Blow. You can’t block capitalism on Twitter, after all.”

A gnomic making of Droidscape: Basilica (Gnome’s Lair)
“The Droidscape: Basilica making-of you are about to read could easily be summarized thusly: “We used computers. It took bloody ages.”. One particularly wise man would really appreciate it this way and it would also be absolutely true.”

What documentation? (AltDevBlog)
“Imagine a situation where you have just been employed by a game development company with a large code base. You might setup your computer, adjust your chair, get some coffee and then start synchronizing your source code repositories. This might take a long while so you decide to take a look at the company documentation while your downloading. So you roll up your sleeves and start digging. You dig and you dig, but you just can’t seem to find anything useful. Puzzled you go to ask either the CTO or the technical director whether they would have some information as to were the documentation is lurking. So you enter the room of either person and candidly ask your question, only to be met with a blunt answer stating that there is none.”

Art Walkthrough: Lighting Robots (Arcen Games)*
“The robots and “Exos” in Bionic Dues go through a five-stage process. First they are sketched by one of a variety of artists. Then they are inked (have their lines cleaned up) by one of a couple of artists (typically Genna or our own Daniette “Blue” Wood). Then they are colored by Catherine. Then animated by me. Then lit by Blue.On the subject of the lighting, Blue created a pretty cool tutorial on how to do that, and we thought we’d share it with anyone else who might be interested. Enjoy!”

Hawken publisher doesn’t pay to advertise the game (Develop)
“Meteor Entertainment argues word-of-mouth is the best way to sell a game as a service”

Joe Danger Steam Trading Cards now available! (Hello Games)
“Steam have gotten into the lucrative trading card business and we are 100% behind them. Actually, we hear that Half Life 3 will be an elaborate game of trading card snap – “I have 3 Barneys. I’ll swap you for an Alex.” Anyway, we’ve just put Trading Cards into Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 on Steam! Honestly, we didn’t really understand these crazy things until Ryan made 25p selling a picture of GlaDOS. Then he was totally hooked and we found him adding them into our games too.”

External Content Inclusion (Andy Moore)
“I’ve been playing a lot with external files in AS3 (well, Haxe+NME to be more accurate) in my recent projects. Monster Loves You!, for instance, loads (at runtime!) all of its audio, images, configuration, and story text from external files. If these files aren’t found, then it reverts to the old internal copies it was compiled with. I love this hot-loading system, for four really big reasons.”

Cook, Serve, Delcious! is now available for Android! (IndieDB)
“Cook, Serve, Delicious is now available on Google Play for Android! Includes full Google Play support (Achievements and Leaderboards).”

* Full disclosure: I work for Arcen Games.