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In today’s Developer Links, you can take lessons from the developers of games like Highgrounds, Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten,  Democracy 3Penny Arcade’s On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3.  Not those specific games, mind you: just games like them.  (Actually, no, they are the developers of those specific games.)

Indie Game Engines (Zeboyd Games)
“Occasionally, I get asked by aspiring game developers what engine they should use to make their game. Personally, we use C# and XNA to make our games. It’s the only way to make games for Xbox Live Indie Games (which is where we started out), it’s free, and well, it works really well for the types of games we make. I’m not sure I should recommend it to others since Microsoft is no longer actively supporting it, but it worked out well for us.”

Designing Pressure Groups In Democracy 3 (
“Sooo… the system for pressure groups in Democracy 2 was fairly simplistic in comparison to this. See how this sounds. There are a host of different pressure groups in Democracy 3. Some are relatively harmless and are mostly a way of registering dissatisfaction by voters. Some of them are more aggressive, some are extremist groups that are actively dangerous to your government. The extremist groups contain the rioters, the assassins, the corporate mega tycoons, fascists and crazies who will try to blow up your presidential car and so on…”

Defender’s Quest: By The Numbers, Part 2 (Gamasutra)
“Last January, we launched the initial version of our Tower Defense / RPG Hybrid Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten. We sold the game directly from our own website, using a browser-based demo distributed via flash portals to drive traffic and sales…”

New Goodies For PAX East 2013 (The Behemoth Development Blog)
“As one Behemoth team prepares for the most epic BattleBlock Theater Beta in the world, another team is working hard on all the plans for the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo in Boston. For the past few months, the trade show team has been creating prototypes for a couple Behemoth plush designs, a set of game character keychains and even a doggy toy! The prototypes were then sent to the manufacturer we use and what returned to our office is what we think is a very fun set of new goodies for 2013.”

Our Lua IDE Decoda Is Now Open Source (Unknown Worlds)
“Today we are very pleased to announce that we’ve released Decoda, our Lua IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and debugger, as open source. You can get the latest version of the source from GitHub and the Windows installer from the download page.”

Project Horseshoe 2012 Talk: Designing Video Games At The Service Of Mankind (Left-Handed Game Design)
“I had the distinct honor of presenting to 50 of my game design peers at the Project Horseshoe 2012 conference in Boerne, Texas this past November. Finding a topic worthy of the conference goal, “positively influencing the art, science, and business of game design over the next five years”, was no easy task. I ultimately chose to argue for the somewhat impractical approach of designing games based on fundamental human ideals, using the Olympics as a prime example of what can be achieved. I’m happy with how the talk turned out, and learned a lot from the discussion it sparked.”

Latency Mitigation Strategies (AltDevBlogADay)
“Virtual reality (VR) is one of the most demanding human-in-the-loop applications from a latency standpoint.  The latency between the physical movement of a user’s head and updated photons from a head mounted display reaching their eyes is one of the most critical factors in providing a high quality experience.”

Good Morning Gato # 110 – Little Ball of Arrgh! (Ska Studios)
“Fans sometimes do some really amazing things. This fan, for example, went and made Dishwasher and Yuki characters for Scribblenauts Unlimited with Steam Workshop…”