Dev Links: Snow Dog


Today’s Developer Links stress the importance of good tools, as one developer shares his game prototyping kit, another remarks on unexpected use being made of an open source project he created, another discusses tools of sorts that players can find in his game, and still another shows some shots of his tool-based game. (A catapult counts as a tool, right?)

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week Of December 14 (Zeboyd Games)
“There wasn’t much in the way of big blockbuster new kickstarters this past week that I noticed so I’d like to take this week’s installment of the kickstarter report to focus on some of the smaller projects that I think look interesting.”

Three Body Problem (Auntie Pixelante)
“i’ve been enjoying three body problem by roburky, author of reset. it’s a chase game: the player is trying to tag score tokens while two pursuers are trying to tag the player. but the dynamic of the game comes from how differently the pursuers move from the player. the player is slow, maneuverable, the pursuers have speed, momentum, they careen around the screen, draw circles around the player, whiz by her face. the player, the tortoise in this aesop’s fable, picks the right moment to slide out of the way, to let a pursuer toro past like a bull. (it’d be easy if there was only one of them, but there are two. that’s the three body problem.) the result is a dance, the harmony of three bodies cleaving together through video space.”

Dialogue History (Instant Kingdom)
“To end a long day of testing and feature-fixing, I decided to implement a much-requested feature, scrollable dialogue history! Hurray! You can now finally go back in time to reread all the witty replies that you so dearly love. I hope it will prove useful for you.”

Mew-Genics Teaser Week 8 (Team Meat Blog)
“Ok, time to show one aspect of game play, though without much context this post will seem odd.. but in time you will “Ah Ha” all over it.”

Dog Game (Distractionware: Devlog)
“Working on something for this weekend’s Ludum Dare – not sure if it’s gonna go anywhere…”

My Game Prototyping Kit (Left-Handed Game Design)
“My wife knows the way to my heart, especially when it comes to birthday gifts. Where the typical husband might end up with an embroidered golf shirt or stockpile of fancy socks, Kate opted to build the ultimate game prototyping kit for me.”

Screenshot Saturday (Catapult For Hire)
“I’m still working day and night to get this baby done. It’s really coming together! Things are a bit crazy as I’m working through a few logistical issues to ensure that this game will be great. Independent game development is like setting off your own personal atomic bomb that rips everything in your life apart. If you come out the other side and survive, you have a game!”

Mok Mok (Arges Systems)
“One of the great things about releasing a project as open source is that it can go on to take forms you never expected. I just found out today that my own UnitySteer powers the creatures on the upcoming Mok Mok:”