Dev Links: Simple Suggestion


Today’s Developer Links feature article’s on Ouya’s Kickstarter exclusivity deal, Mac versus PC and flexible programming.

Opinion: Ouya’s Kickstarter exclusivity deal makes little sense (Gamasutra)
“I had to scan over Ouya’s new “Free the Games Fund” several times to fully understand what exactly it was all about — and by that point, it was obvious that someone hadn’t completely thought this through.”

Our first week on Kickstarter: The Numbers (Lost Decade Games)
“It’s been exactly one week since we launched Crypt Run on Kickstarter, and since it’s a 30-day campaign, that means it’s 25% over. What a great time to reflect on the week, examine the trends, and see where this campaign is headed!”

Mac vs. PC (Andy Moore)
“Yeah, Mac vs. PC. I’m finally going there! Don’t worry; this blog post isn’t full of kool-aid-drinking fanboy-isms. I’m going to keep this as introspective as possible, in classic Cap’n style.”

The importance of variety (Winter Wolves)
“I’m referring to the importance of variety in the characters present in games. Quite often when you see manga art, “stylized manga” in particular, is a bit annoying to see all the characters basically look the same, with only different hair/eye colors but same face and build type.”

Developer’s Perspective –Flexible Programming (Independent Gaming)
“Half a year after becoming a self-proclaimed indie developer I’ve learned a very useful and efficient way of designing the code in games to make developing them easier in the long run. Yep, that’s right – you can design your code! By writing your code in a very flexible manner it allows you to change your game around by only changing one or two variables which can change the look and workings of your game to work completely differently, without recoding the entire engine. In this article I am going to be describing what flexible programming is, why it’s important and show you some ways of getting into the habit of doing it yourself!”

The Internet Will Eat Your Babies (Jonas Kyratzes)
“Ah, the internet! It’s democratized the arts, destroyed those evil gatekeepers, and finally made it possible for everyone to be heard! It has allowed people to form communities, to find new friends, to find audiences that they might never have had. Thanks to the internet, all that stands between you and success is yourself. If only you would put the kind of effort you put into a McDonald’s job into promoting yourself, you too could become as successful as the kind of people who tell you these things imagine that they’re going to be.”

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of July 19, 2013 (Zeboyd)

Jack Lumber finally carves out his own space on Android! (Owlchemy Labs)
“Do androids dream of electric trees? Wonder no more as Owlchemy can finally answer that age-old question with the Android edition of Jack Lumber. “