Dev Links: Shave And A Haircut


Today’s Developer Links include a decrying of stretch goals and an alpha funding guide.

Project Zomboid’s Chris Simpson’s guide to alpha funding (
“It’s over two years since we began selling Project Zomboid. Through it all we’ve had ups and downs, but on the whole it feels like we’ve been relatively successful. Scott from Desura cited our game as ‘their most successful’ in an interview. That surprised us a lot. We subsequently breezed through the first batch of Greenlight games. That surprised us a lot too.”

You Have to Win the Game dev J. Kyle Pittman on going indie (
“Seven years ago, I joined Gearbox Software as an intern, working on the first Borderlands during its earliest incarnation. This was back when I was going to school at the Guildhall at SMU, back when the Guildhall had a dedicated internship term. That term aligned serendipitously with the end of Borderlands’s “greenlight” milestone, and I got to experience not a crunch, per se, but a concerted team effort towards meeting a clear goal. It felt real and meaningful and exciting, and I was hooked.”

Stretch goals ‘cannibalise’ your game design vision (Develop)
“The developer behind upcoming project Lioness, which has already met its Kickstarter target, has decided against adding additional stretch goals, claiming that they infringe on a game’s scope.”

The Barber of Cogville (Gaslamp Games)
“Every Subject of The Empire appreciates looking good and staying healthy. Enter: The Barber.”

Owlchemy’s speaking circuit… of SCIENCE! (Owlchemy Labs)
“The scientists at Owlchemy Labs are constantly on the move, heading from conference to conference, sapping the knowledge (and brain fluids) of others, while also sharing knowledge with the community. Here’s a few of our recent and upcoming conference happenings.”

Another status update (Daniel’s Base)
“So here’s the latest – I’m only working on “the strawberry game”, my next project, very occasionally now. Instead I’m focusing on Muri, a small game that’ll be released through Ludosity (the company I co-own and work at). So Muri is a commercial game and won’t be uploaded here with my freeware stuff, but it’s over halfway done already and should be completed in a month or two.”

From iOS to Android – Collin Jackson on porting Spirits (Spaces of Play)
“Last year we released Spirits on Google Play, which became our second most important platform. We caught up with Collin Jackson, the co-founder of Apportable to talk about the technical details behind the port, and why doing customer support in-house is so important.”

Feedback Friday: Shark Rider 0.21 (Arges Systems)
“This version has a few animations tweaks, as well as new elements that appear if you manage to run at least 200 meters (should take you about 50 seconds). I’m still tweaking the difficulty on those, and the plan is that they’ll appear on a new “cave” environment that’ll come up every so often.”