Dev Links: Put A Bow On It


Several end of the year celebrations and reflections in this, the final Dev Links of 2012.

Happy Holidays (Octodad Blog)
“I’m sure at this point you are all bracing your inboxes and social feeds for Holiday Impact™ from the swarm of good tidings and cheer. While some of this can seem far from genuine and a clear adherence to form, we at Young Horses want to wish you all the best. No matter what you celebrate or if you celebrate nothing at all we thank you for all your support in the last year. (Heck, in the last forever.)”

Heileen 3 released, Merry Christmas and the end of the world (Winter Wolves)
“First of all, Heileen 3: New Horizon was officially released a couple days ago. Here’s the official trailer with the theme song…”

Grab some controllers and a friend: Deer Santa is now available! (Vlambeer)
“Grab two controllers and a friend and head over to Advent of Indies right now to grab Deer Santa for completely free.”

Our Favorite Games of 2012 (Spaces of Play)
“2012 has been a great year for games without any doubt. Here are our personal favorites of the year.”

2012 Miscellany (distractionware)
“I like the idea of starting fresh each year – ever since I went full time indie five years ago, I’ve kept annual pages on the sidebar of my blog of the creations I’m happiest with. I think it’s creatively healthy to start fresh, bury old things away, prepare for new things.”

A Cliffside Cliffhanger (The Witness)
“This is a little mystery about a rock that refused to move. The rock lives off the coast of The Witness, just beyond the desert cliffs”

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of December 21 (Zeboyd Games)

Game Blocks offers free, open-source game creation for novices (Joystiq)
“Sheldon Pacotti, writer of the original Deus Ex games and indie developer in his own right, created Game Blocks, an open-source library for making games, for the students in his video game writing course at the University of Texas. Game Blocks is designed to help novice developers craft their stories, animations and physics effects with a simple, snap-to interface, as demonstrated above.”