Dev Links: On Your Mind


Today’s Developer Links feature pieces on the benefits of localization and the cost of developing for the PS4.

So how much does it cost to develop for PlayStation 4? (Polygon)
“Microsoft has swung open the gates to indie developers by making the Xbox One a development kit in its own right. But how much does it cost to start creating indie games for Sony’s rival PlayStation 4?”

Overseas localization can be worthwhile – even for a small indie game (Gamasutra)
“Christine Love’s Analogue: A Hate Story is as much an unusual entry on the Steam storefront as when it first appeared there roughly a year ago. Inspired by East Asian visual novels, Analogue is an interactive epistolary novel in which players try to find out what happened aboard a generation ship in a far-flung future, through stored documents and a pair of chatty ship A.I.”

The Democracy 3 Compass (Positech Games)
“So here is a half-finished feature I’ve added to the main menu for Democracy 3. It’s a chart showing the last 50 election wins you had in the game, with the icons representing the countries you were playing at the time, and they are printed onto a left/right liberal/conservative axis so you can see what the state of the nation was at the time. In a way, this is a clue to your own political opinions and prejudices, as presumably you will gently be nudging all the countries in a similar direction.”

Return (Terry Cavanagh)
“Wiseit is he who knows he knows nothing.”

Joe Danger’s in (on) Indie Game: The Movie! (Hello Games)
“Basically Indie Game: The Movie could have been about Hello Games. Dave is often found weeping at the bottom of swimming pools. Much like Jon Blow (JB), Sean likes coding alone on rooftops, quaint patisseries, mahogany writing desks and generally always sits at right angles to the camera in silhouette. Ryan only eats really bad junk food.”

Lostcast 34: Cryptacular (Lost Decade Games)

Little Tree on the Prairie (Gaslamp Games)
“A lot of our time over the last week on the programming side has been spent updating our internal documentation. Since we invested so heavily in back-end programming for the game, there are a lot of systems that we’ve written but have not spent a lot of time interacting with yet. And because we want the game’s content to be malleable enough that people on the team with no programming skill can edit and create content, they need to have reference to consult. It’s not the most exciting work in game development but it needs to be done.”

Zeboyd Weekly Art! (7/24/13): First Cosmic Star Heroine Fan Art! (Zeboyd Games)
“So I’m busy making stuff for the game, but I wanted to share the first set of fan art we’ve seen for Cosmic Star Heroine!”