Dev Links: Oh Yes


Cosmic Star Heroine Kickstarter reward tier brainstorming, Steampunk Colorado biomes and more in today’s Developer Links.

Free-to-play with Radiangames: do or do not, there is no try (
“Bombcats was Radiangames’ biggest project by a sizable amount, and the one which I had hoped would finally break the string of critically-acclaimed-but-barely-successful titles that have been the hallmark of Radiangames’ first couple years of existence. But there was key mistake made with the launch version of the game: Compromise.”

Trailerized Stories and Droidscape: Basilica (Gnome’s Lair)
“No, I won’t tire you much this time, oh sweet and gentle reader. No, my unbelievably precious bundle of joy. I will not go on and on about Droidscape: Basilica (the iOS game I’ve been working on since forever and is *finally* nearing launch). No. I will simply invite you to have a look at the trailer posted above, promise to very soon come back with much more and ask for your opinion.”

How Middle Eastern studios are overcoming game development challenges (Polygon)
“Game development in the Middle East can often be an uphill battle. Between the lack of game publishers, strict government-imposed censorship guidelines, trade sanctions and a lack of financial investors, game developers in the region also have to deal with geographic isolation and the lack of a local game-making community. The games industry in the Middle East is young and its experience is limited. Faced with challenges that most developers in the West never have to think about, it would seem a robust games industry with a thriving community is beyond the region’s reach.”

Cosmic Star Heroine Kickstarter Reward Tiers (Work-In-Progress) (Zeboyd Games)
“We’re currently planning on doing a kickstarter for our next RPG, Cosmic Star Heroine, in or around September. Here’s what we’re thinking as far as reward tiers go (note, this is still a work-in-progress and is subject to change).”

Free To (Terry Cavanagh)
“I was a bit anti-Ouya in the run up its release – what I saw as its stance of championing “Free to Play” made me uncomfortable. Then, at some point before its release, they stopped using the term “Free to Play” and started using the term “Free to Try” – a concept I’m entirely cool with. That was enough to turn me from anti-Ouya to Ouya-neutral – it took getting my hands on one for 10 minutes to make me pro-Ouya. This thing is awesome. For fun, I ported a bunch of my old flash games to it!”

Lostcast 32: Cryptcast (Lost Decade Games)

Biomes of Steampunk Colorado (Gaslamp Games)
“Last time we talked about biomes back in February, Mr. Whitman had finished a framework for terrain generator and had implemented a few test case biomes which we have been using in-game for a while just to give us something to hack on to test the features we’re after. This small set of biomes has been the backdrop for a ton of our screenshots lately. You may have noticed a recurring theme of pine trees on a field of green grass with some lakes.”

Envisioning Our Interactive Audio Future (Gamasutra)
“In this reprint from the final (June/July 2013) issue of Game Developer magazine, sound designer Damian Kastbauer shares this excerpt from the Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio (due 2014), in which he blends narrative and design notes to craft an inspirational future vision for interactive audio.”