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In today’s Developer Links, a publisher discusses new gaming platforms. A software engineer talks about his new baby. And two developers bring up their new projects.

Paradox CEO: New Devices, Open Platforms Offer Key Chances For Indies (Gamasutra)
“This year, an increasing trend favoring open platforms — plus loads more new hardware options — could form the new frontier for indie developers. A developer that manages to nail a great game in the emerging hardware market will enjoy near-unprecedented ubiquity, and the opportunity to have a say in the emerging landscape.”

Hunt for the Gay Planet (Auntie Pixelante)
“i’ve been saying for a while now that supposedly lgbt-friendly game developers like bioware only see queer people (lgb people, at least) as consumers. nothing could make the point more clearly than bioware’s decision to add gay romances to star wars: the old republic – on a single planet in the galaxy, which players have to pay for the privilege of visiting. pay to enter a dystopian future where queers are exiled to a far-off, backwater planet!”

Next Next Game Preliminary Ideas & Kickstarter Plans (Zeboyd Games)
“So the official first public look at Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 is tied up in bureaucratic red tape at the moment (bleh!) so let’s talk about our game after PA4! Keep in mind this is all subject to change at a whim.”

Mavis Minecraft Teaches Coding – Part 2 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Welcome back! When I left you last week, you’d built a computer, explored the filesystem and written your first program. That was easy, so it’s time to climb the next rung on the difficulty ladder.”

Island Partition (The Witness)
“This week we’ve been having discussions about how it’s almost time to move into full-on Production Mode and start cranking out final-ish 3D models and textures … following schedules, and all kinds of organized stuff like that.”

Announcing Positech’s Next Game Will Be… (
“Firstly, democracy is a game I am very proud of. I think it’s my most original and innovative design, in terms of both mechanics and GUI. I don’t think any other game I’ve made has been so ‘out of the blue’ as Democracy. I also find it very interesting (although incredibly difficult) to work on. basically it’s a custom-build neural network with a cunning GUI on top of it. I’m also a bit of a political geek, with views that range all over the spectrum, so I enjoy the analysis and research involved in working on the game.”

POMMS: A Way To Get Your Players To Test Your Game! (Gamasutra)
“The indie elephant in the room, Minecraft, has changed the perception of what a “beta” truly entails in the mind of the average gamer. No longer do people hearing the word “beta” expect the buggy, frustrating, horribly broken, and not-fun-at-all experience they should. Instead it is now viewed as a supposedly incomplete early development milestone with a high degree of playability and quite a bit of polish. ‘Who does the actual beta testing of these milestones, then?’ you ask. Most probably not the people coming to an indie-game dev forum stating that they are qualified beta testers because they’ve ‘beta-tested Minecraft.'”

Aesop’s Games (AltDevBlogADay)
“My wife and I just had our first child. While our daughter was baking in my wife’s belly, we would talk about what kinds of video games she would like to play when she grew up or if she would wind up liking them at all. I thought long and hard about what games I would want her to play. Which games in my library would I leave on the table for her to discover, and at what ages? What I’ve been looking for are games that teach morals and lessons, particularly ones that do so in a way that cannot be done in other media. A game puts the audience in control, which brings a high level of teaching possibilities to the table.”