Dev Links: Eyes On You


Dustforce sales data, Octodad level design, and a ton of other good stuff in today’s Developer Links.

Dustforce sales figures (Hitbox Team)
“Dustforce is just over a year old now. How well has it fared in the past year, and what does that mean for Hitbox Team? In this article, we discuss in great detail the financial performance of Dustforce, in the context of our own goals for the game. Come and learn about some of the financial issues of a tiny development team, such as how we funded Dustforce, and how much it costs to make a game.”

Big Robot Is Pleased To Announced Pre-Orders Of Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Via Humble Store! (Big Robot)
“Lots to come in the next few weeks, but we’re starting with the pre-order, thanks to those lovely folk at Humble.”

NotGames Fest accepting submissions until July 8 (Polygon)
“The second NotGames Fest — a cultural festival of digital entertainment that rejects the traditional structure of video games — is accepting game submissions from now until July 8.”

Time Travelling Churches: A look at our first level in development (Octodad)
“Hello all, Kevin Zuhn here with a message from the past: Building tutorial levels is hard! Back on the first Octodad we left our tutorial level until late in development, and it shows. Upon starting Dadliest Catch, we decided to do it right, and build the tutorial first. This time we would make it a wedding scene in a church so that it would be exciting and memorable as well as informative. The church level has therefore been in development from day one, and you can look back through its history to see how Octodad has taken shape over time!”

Screenshots of Breath of Death VII remade in Precipice of Darkness 4! Demand for full-blown Vita remakes? (Zeboyd Games)
“Precipice of Darkness 4 has a number of little bonus dungeons scattered here and there where you can gain some extra XP & items so we thought it would be fun to have one of them be a reference to the initial cave in Breath of Death VII.”

Indie Fund Now Backing “Kachina” (Indie Fund)
“Yes, the sky is full of Indie Fund announcements lately! But that doesn’t mean we are any less excited about finally announcing our funding of Kachina by Ben Esposito’s (aka Little Flag Software). You may have seen him showing it at IndieCade 2012, or, most recently, at the Game Developer’s Conference Experimental Gameplay Workshop (where another IF project, Mushroom 11, was also shown!).”

CastleMiner Z dev’s response to “The 8 keys to indie success” (
“In the last week my article “How to Make it as a Professional Indie Game Developer” or “8 keys to indie success” caused quite a stir.”

Game Night in Los Angeles – Giant Robot 2 (The Behemoth)
“We’ve just added another event to the calendar for the month of July: Game Night featuring The Behemoth at the Giant Robot 2 store in Los Angeles. Thank you to Angrybananas, Giant Robot, meat bun and attractmode for making us a part of their 15th Game Night.”