Dev Links: Dear Abbey


Driftmoon, Ridiculous Fishing, Natural Selection 2… all games that went through long development processes (some more than others), and in today’s Developer Links you can read detailed tales from these processes that you may find enlightening.

Postmortem: Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s Natural Selection 2 (Gamasutra)
“This past Halloween, in 2012 — 10 years after the release of the original Half-Life mod, and after almost going out of business multiple times — we released Natural Selection 2 using our own “Spark” engine on Steam. It went right to Number One and has since sold around 300,000 copies. This article hopes to summarize what we learned during this epic period of toil…”

Indie Tools: Dagon (IndieGames)
Senscape‘s Dagon engine has been open-sourced! And, yes, it’s the very same and apparently extraordinarily sleek engine that will be powering horror adventure The Asylum and thus an engine specifically designed for the creation of modern, cutting edge adventure games.”

Ridiculous Fishing Is Almost Done! (Vlambeer)
“If you’ve been paying attention, you probably followed the development of Wasteland Kingsduring our participation in the annual Mojam. We’re extremely proud of the $450.000 raised for charity during the whole event and just as grateful for all your support, the nice comments in the chat and your enthusiasm for the game. However, Wasteland Kings was not all we were working on: while Jan Willem and Paul were jamming away on Wasteland Kings, Rami, Zach and Greg wrapped up something else over in New York: we submitted Ridiculous Fishing to Apple.”

Penny Arcade’s On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness 4 – Music Sampler! (Zeboyd Games)
“Over the weekend, Hyperduck submitted final versions of all the Precipice of Darkness 4 songs and we’re dying to share some with you.”

Super Hexagon On Linux (distractionware: devlog)
“One final port announcement! Super Hexagon is now available on Linux. If you’ve got the PC or Mac version of the game on Steam, then you should already have it in your library!”

A Prisoner’s Tale (The Behemoth Development Blog)
“The guard did growleth as he pushed us out, / Catnip stanking up each breath. / ‘Your turn has come at last,’ he mewed, / His eyes aglow with death…”

Seven Years Is A Long Time (Driftmoon)
“It took us a while to complete Driftmoon. In fact, it took us over seven years. But we’re here now, and Driftmoon is finally just two days away from official release! Now is a good time to look at our long journey to today.”

Loadtesting For Open Beta, Part 1 (SpyParty)
Way back in 2011, right before I opened up Early-Access Beta signups, I loadtested and optimized the signup page to make sure it wouldn’t crash if lots of people were trying to submit their name and email and confirm their signup. I always intended to write up a technical post or two about that optimization process because it was an interesting engineering exercise, but I have yet to get around to it. However, I can summarize the learnings here pretty quickly:WordPress is excruciatingly slow, Varnish is incredibly fast, I ♥ Perl,1 Apache with plain old mod_php (meaning not loading WordPress) was actually way faster than I expected, slightly faster even than nginx + php-fpm in my limited tests, CloudFront is pretty easy to use,2 and even cheap and small dedicated servers can handle a lot of traffic if you’re smart about it.”