Dev Links: Blockheads


Today’s Developer Links cover the mobile game market, the free-to-play market, and marketing your games.

Almost Everything You Need To Know To Enter Mobile Game Development On 2013 (AltDevBlogADay)
“This is a list of useful resources to help you refine, define, execute and possibly reconsider your decision to enter mobile game development this year. The resources are a little more inclined to the business and game design parts of game development, except for a couple of ones linking other lists.”

Happy New Year! (Wolfire Blog)
“This was a great year! Here are some of the highlights of 2012:…”

My Favorite Games of 2012 (Zeboyd Games)
“2012 has ended so that means it’s time to share my favorite games of 2011! It was very difficult to narrow this list down to just ten games (as evidenced by the fact that this list isn’t exactly the same as the lists I’ve shared on Twitter earlier) but I think I’m pretty happy with this one. Feel free to share your own Top 10 lists in the comments!”

Slave of God (Auntie Pixelante)
“for our new year’s party we blew up lots of balloonsdrew on them, and then, at midnight, popped them all with our hands, our feet, with weapons, with tenderness. i watched my rainbow-colored slut disappear into a pile of bright balloons, returning – at least for a moment – to her people. we played a game that merritt had made so that she could at least be at the party in spirit. it made me miss her less and then more. and everyone watched as i played through stephen lavelle’s new game, slave of god.”

Chillingo: “Complex” Free-To-Play Market Scares A Lot of Indies (VG247)
“Chillingo COO Ed Rumley has told VG247 that the free-to-play market on mobile should be treated as a business model, rather than a genre – prompted by the rise of ‘Freemium’ titles in the space. Rumley has explained the concerns from indie studios surrounding emergent monetisation models in a new interview going live later this week. Get his quotes after the break.”

Keeping A Dev Blog (Independent Gaming)
“One of the best ways to really immerse gamers into your game is through making a dev blog/log (same thing). That’s a blog where you can update when you have made changes to your game, where you can ask for suggestions, and where you can give info on your game’s general progress and other related news. Of course, you can do lots more with it (more on that later, pardon the pun).”

Goodbye Nexus City (distractionware: devlog)
“Near the end of 2012, I made the very difficult decision to abandon Nexus City (and it’s spinoff game, Selma’s Story). For those of you with no idea what Nexus City is – it’s an RPG I was collaborating on with the writer Jonas Kyratzes. Originally a very small game, over time it grew completely out of control – at this point, Jonas and I have worked on it on and off for over two years. However, that doesn’t really paint an accurate picture – I haven’t worked on Nexus City itself since 2011, and I only worked on the spinoff game, Selma’s Story, for two months last year.”

The Secrets of Promotion for Indies (Gamasutra)
“Erik Sebellin-Ross, an independent marketing consultant specializing in the game industry offers this practical guide to promoting your indie game.”