Dev Links: Big Daddy


Today’s Developer Links are going places, with games going to diverse devices, cats going to the races, and what you can expect if you go to Japan.

Netrunner and Vulnerability (Natural Selection 2)
“Netrunner was a collectable card game released in 1996. While not a major success, it gained a strong cult following. Luckily, the game was re-released in 2012 as Android: Netrunner. The game features bluffing, deduction, unique character identities with special powers, 2 player asymmetric play, deck building, a cyberpunk theme (before it was cool…), and a variety of other game mechanics.”

On Episodic RPGs (Zeboyd Games)
“I can see two main approaches working for an episodic RPG. The first is to have each episode be a direct continuation of the previous episode…”

Rocket Report #1 (Rocket Bear Games Blog)
“Welcome to the first Rrrrocket Report!  I’ve decided to make weekly blog posts about Infested Planet and what I’ve been up to.”

Octodad In The News (1/11/13) (Octodad Blog)
“Sometimes Octodad is in the news, and sometimes people say some nice things about it. Dadliest Catch for instance has been getting a solid amount of attention in people’s “Most Anticipated Games of 2013″ lists. In case you don’t follow us on twitter or like us on facebook we figured it might be good to consolidate all these links to one place of maximum linkage.”

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of January 11 (Zeboyd Games)
“Really quite weak. Only thing of note I noticed was the GameStick – a new console similar to the Ouya in that it lets you play Android games on your TV with a traditional video game controller… When you see stuff like GameStick and Ouya raising hundreds of thousands or even million dollars, it’s easy to think that they’ll be big success but for perspective, many people think the Vita is bombing and Sony has sold well over a million Vitas worldwide. If it’s hard to get serious developers to take the Vita seriously, it’s going to be even harder to get them to want to develop for systems like the Ouya that probably will never even reach a million systems sold.”

A Game Developer’s Take on Japan: The Myths and the Reality (Kotaku)
“One well-received and much commented-on blog post I wrote many years ago covered the “stages of living in Japan”. These are the 5 stages I have witnessed, again and again, in myself and in others, and though your mileage may of course vary, they seem pretty spot on. I daresay they could be applied to living in any country.”

Mew-Genics Teaser Week 12 (Team Meat Blog)
“Is your cat in shape? has he taken his pills? has he had a good nights sleep? does he have ADD? what about a few extra legs? Either way i think you should try your luck in the sewers and join Franks Cat Races, you could find your fortune there! or maybe a few magical poopies!”

Games Everywhere: The Game Industry’s Challenge For 2013 (Gamasutra)
“At CES 2013 last week, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang succinctly laid out the challenge facing the games industry at large in his opening remarks at the Nvidia press conference on Sunday evening: ‘It isn’t possible for you to enjoy the same video game on any device.’ Where the iPod, the Kindle, and the cloud have enabled consumers to consume music, books, and movies whenever and however they pleased, Huang said the challenge for the consumer tech companies is to invent the technology to make this happen with video games.”