Dev Links: Another Lonely Night


Teases, announcements and tough decisions are scattered about in today’s Developer Links.

‘Taking genre conventions as your starting point is kinda boring’ (Gamasutra)
“Two-man studio Cardboard Computer is poised to release the second act of its idiosyncratic, Southern Gothic point-and-click adventure Kentucky Route Zero “any day now,” says co-creator Jake Elliott. “

Hairy Tales No Longer On Steam Greenlight (Arges Systems)
“I have just removed Hairy Tales from Greenlight. Back when Steam started talking about how Greenlight would change the approval process I was as excited as everyone else. Unfortunately, in the months’ since its become clear that Greenlight has failed at improving the discovery process, seeing as how you have to be a pretty core user to thrawl through all the submissions. This has the effect that most of the games that are Greenlit are those that likely would not have had any trouble getting in there anyway, such as Dragon’s Lair or American McGee’s latest.”

369° Grindr (Andy Moore)
“I’ve been complaining about Unity3D a lot lately, on Twitter and here on my blog. It’s all been for good reason! I’m working on a new extreme-sports game that requires 3D to make it compelling — a first, for me. Think Tony Hawk, except this one is based on my dreams instead of boring old ollies and 180° toe-side cumulonimbus tricks.”

Democracy 3 and overrides (Positech Games)
“I have long wanted to code a particular system for Democracy 3, and finally got around to adding it, just before I (recently) put in mod support. I’m calling the system in general ‘overrides’. Essentially, what it is, is a way for someone to create a text file that specifies a connection between two game objects and define them with a new equation, or negate them, or add a totally new link. This is best served by an example…”

Apartment building (Auntie Pixelante)
“For someone who spent her teenage years on the internet of the 90s, “virtual reality” isn’t the oculus rift or even the kitschy flat-color worlds whose aesthetic is retro-vogue with some contemporary artists. for me, virtual reality is those websites designed to mimic someone’s home, sites like mansions full of room-pages to explore, each page a unique place with its own mood and identity, places to get lost in, with secret passages and hidden fetish dungeons. virtual spaces as spaces, places that feel inhabited. or haunted. peewee’s playhouses or virtual sex clubs, they feel personal.”

Ugly Babies Also Like Lullabies (Dejobaan Games)
“We’ve been “heads down” working on Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby. Ichiro’s been designing levels in Python, and has been working on two of his favorite things: narrative and audio. Let’s take a look at a new track that he has been working on called “Future Shock”.”

Running with wolves (Spaces of Play)

New Behemoth merch hits the internet! (The Behemoth)
“Well, we know many of you have been waiting for this day. The day when our online store gets a face lift and we bring previously trade show exclusive items to the internet so you can order from the comfort of your own home. For months, our merch guy, Lee, has been working hard to create a new look for our online store and bring more items to the internet than ever before!”