Dev Links: Memorable Trip


Developer Links has plenty of focus on what came out of this year’s GDC, as well as discussions on Kickstarter and crunching to make a game.

Developers should ‘think like a fan,’ be transparent when pitching on Kickstarter, says Double Fine producer (Polygon)
“Indie developers looking to launch projects for crowdfunding on Kickstarter should “think like a fan,” altering their mindset and tailoring pitches to best inform their gaming audience, according to Double Fine Productions producer Greg Rice.”

Mark of the Ninja creator: Innovation no excuse for crunch (Gamasutra)
“Jamie Cheng, founder of Klei Entertainment, creator of the XBLA games Shank and Mark of the Ninja had strong words for any game maker who might claim that working extensive overtime is an intrinsic part of making ‘art’.”

Food, firing, and freedom (Games Industry)
“Other Ocean, 17-bit, and Capy Games give tips for creating positive studio cultures without breaking the bank”

Nintendo’s indies guy tells you how to get your games approved (
“If you want to get your indie game onto Nintendo’s platforms — the Wii U and 3DS — you’ll want to talk to Dan Adelman, who works as the company’s liaison with indies. While his title is “business development manager,” he’s best known as the man who helped World of Goo and the Bit.Trip series, among many others, land on the WiiWare service for the original Wii. He joined Nintendo in 2005 to help build that service; Since then, the company has transitioned to new platforms, and offers a much better shop on them, called the eShop.”

Exploring game design through technology (Wolfire Games)
“This is a blog post adaption of my GDC 2013 Indie Soapbox talk, I hope you like it! I will link to the GDC vault video of it if it becomes publicly available.”

Gameplay – Espionage (Purple Orange Games)
“Espionage, much like diplomacy, feels completely underdeveloped in 4X games and almost non-existent in strategy games overall.”

I Want to Make Video Games, But I Don’t Know How to Program, And I Don’t Have Any Money (Indie Game Insider)
“You have that hungry look on your face. You know, the kind you get when you haven’t eaten for a while. Only this time it’s a hunger to make games. Being a game developer, I can understand the passion that you may possess to create a game can be killed by the lack of patience it takes to learn to program. You have an idea, and you want to make a game now!”

Initial thoughts about my first GDC (Positech Games)
“So here I am, post-GDC, from my point-of-view (I was only there for two days), reflecting on what I thought of my first ever trip there. I made a deliberate decision to only spend two days there, to attend the indie talks, meet some people, and then combine the trip with a short holiday, so I’m in a hotel room typing this up.”

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