Descend From UFOs, Ride Flying Pigs, and More in Crazy Pixel Streaker

The World Cup finals seems like the right occasion to express one’s true feelings, and streaking is, well, a choice. But there’s no emphasis on nudity here, as Crazy Pixel Streaker instead focuses on hilarious, messy beat ’em up chaos in the middle of a soccer stadium.

Predictably, things get crazy in the middle of the final soccer match. As streakers and fans pour into the stadium, clashing with authorities, UFOs sweep in, picking up the four playable characters. The aliens want to win their soccer match bets, so the player’s goal is to wreak havoc at various sporting events and make sure the appropriate side wins. Story ramifications aside, Crazy Pixel Streaker is an unabashed beat em’ up at heart.


Armed with a stun/water gun and combo-chaining basic attacks, each of the four characters runs around a large crowd of secret agents and security guards, either picking them off one by one or taking down entire crowds. Other than fighting enemies, it’s important to pickup followers, who morph into powerful weapons when enough of them gather. There are also other rideable mounts, and guns that shoot watermelons to decimate the enforcers of order standing between players and victory.


Multiple “kills” award bonus gold, and each character is able to advance their skills between rounds. Up to four players can join in, with the game increasing the challenge for each new player. Boss fights await, but fans of more competitive gameplay can tackle each other in versus minigames.

The developers estimate that Crazy Pixel Streaker is about 60% done. It just went up on Steam Greenlight with a playable demo (it’s Windows only, though the full game will work on Mac and Linux as well). There is a devblog detailing the game’s progress, for those interested.

Check out the Crazy Pixel Streaker‘s website for more info, and follow the game on Twitter for updates.

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