Dengen Chronicles Releases on Android Devices

Several months after releasing for Windows Phone (and being available for play online), Dengen Chronicles, a customizable card game with RPG elements, is now releasing for Android. (An iOS version is on the way as well.) At the end of June, after Dengen reached 150,000 players, it was announced that there would be weekly in-game tournaments for players, with prizes valued at up to $10 of in-game assets. This inclusion of a new platform is an indication of how popular the game is, and may usher in more opportunities for players to test their skills.

2Originally releasing on Windows Phone (by developer Mangatar) this past February, Dengen Chronicles is already one of the Top 10 WP games, and with the popularity of such games as Hearthstone and continued interest in Magic: The Gathering, it’s easy to see how the mobile version of a game of this type would be successful.

Gameplay is pretty straightforward: Gather cards, level up, gain new abilities, and use those abilities to smite your enemies. Pick up missions along the way, using characters that resemble manga stereotypes (yes, this is a game feature!). If you’d like, you can make in-app purchases to further your success, but it’s not required.

If you’re interested in trying out Dengen Chronicles on mobile, check it out either in the Windows store, or on Google Play – it’s free, though there are the aforementioned in-app purchases.

Keep up with further updates to the game on the Dengen Chronicles blog.

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