Please the Gods With Sport in Way of Redemption

A number of people may not be interested in competitive sports, but are huge fans of sports in a virtual arena. Thanks to Pixel Cream, these folks have another escape. The studio’s 3D multiplayer online sports arena (MOSA), Way of Redemption, brings sport to the attention of the gods, and was recently launched on Steam Greenlight.

In Way of Redemption, players compete in a tournament as a way of proving their worth to the gods. If they win, they are worthy of redemption. Fighting for this redemption is a range of heroes from many galaxies, each trying to “weaken the enemy’s portal at the same time as protecting” their own in matches that the studio promises will be competitive and addictive.

Redemption 2

Matches can be either competitive or co-operative, contain up to four players (two players on each team), and each character can be customized with skills, items and skins to create the perfect team player.  If that’s not enough, those that perform well will be rewarded depending on their rank and classification; this presents an opportunity to show off to other players.

Way of Redemption has also been selected as one of the finalists in Playstation’s Madrid Games Week 2015 awards, where it is in a list of 20 games hoping to receive awards such as “Best Game 2015”, “Most Innovative Game”, and “Best Use of Playstation Platforms”.

Redemption 1

Ready to play for the gods’ forgiveness? Check out Way of Redemption on Steam Greenlight, head to the game’s official website, or get in touch with the studio on Facebook or Twitter.