Delivery in Thirty Minutes or Less
in World’s Fastest Pizza

Worlds Fastest Pizza

Take a moment to reflect all the hard work pizza delivery boys have done, and the dedication made to ensure the masses are well fed with hot cheesy goodness. Their hard work and toil has ensured countless citizens all over the world are sated with the food from the gods. Some of these brave honorable souls aren’t even of this planet. Follow the heroic story of one such delivery boy in Oscar Brittain’s new game World’s Fastest Pizza.

Players step into the well-worn shoes of Tortoiseman, the once prince of the planet Tortopia. Sent to Earth by his father, J-Dilla before the planet’s destitution, Tortoiseman landed in Australia where he was adopted by a humble pizza chef and his wife and given the new name Cornelius Pretorius. Cornelius discovered that he was in possession of some pretty incredible powers, and is using those powers in service to World’s Fastest Pizza, a seedy pizzeria. Players will have 15 different superpowers to mix and match as they rush around Australia exploring landmarks, delivering pizza, and trying not to die by rabid dingos, and deranged citizens just to name a few.

World’s Fastest Pizza is expected to release March 15 on Steam for Windows PC for $2.99 (USD). To learn more about the game visit the official website. To learn about the developer Oscar Brittain visit his website and follow him on Twitter.

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