Defend the Highlands Leaves Early Access

Kilted Camel and Kiss Ltd recently completed the development of their single-player strategy title Defend the Highlands. The game now features numerous improvements, and has officially moved on from Steam Early Access.

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Defend the Highlands is set in Scotland and incorporates aspects of the real-time strategy and tower defense genres. To advance, players must gather allied forces from various clans and construct formidable defenses. Porridge is also crucial to success, as players have the potential to produce porridge cannons in their quest to defeat English invaders. According to the game’s Steam page, “Making use of traditional Scottish weaponry, such as golf clubs and haggis catapults, the band of Scotsmen must defend locations around Scotland, Wales, and England as they defend their homeland, and then take the fight to the enemy.”

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The game left Early Access on November 6, and is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam for a price of $9.99 USD. The title released with several improvements, including an upgraded user interface, mini-map, tutorial, audio and video advancements, bug fixes, and newly-balanced gameplay. The game also features Steam achievements, as well as trading cards.

For more information, check out Defend the Highlands on the developer’s official website, Twitter, and Facebook.