‘Deep Eclipse’ Blending The Classic With The Contemporary

Deep Eclipse ss01

The space shooter genre has been one that has steadily produced quality games over the years. It has never really boomed but what comes out is usually worthwhile and offers some great gameplay.

The end of last year produced Deep Eclipse a new title from UltraVision Interactive. Deep Eclipse aims to combine a lot of what you have grown to love about the space shooter genre with a new and updated modern day control system and graphics.

It’s a classic case of old meets new and it should make for some very compelling gameplay, providing you are a fan of the genre. Be sure to check out the gameplay trailer below:

Deep Eclipse also contains strong RPG elements to add to the overall experience as you are able to upgrade your spaceship with a whole variety of extra-weapons and technologies. This is a factor that now appears almost ubiquitously in gaming these days, but nonetheless it’s always a welcome addition.

Expect frantic and fast gameplay as you struggle to defeat wave upon wave of bad guys, with each one a little more of a pain than the last. The game will contain a host of enemies to fight against and with the use of over 52 upgradable weapons and 30 perks it is your job to cut through them all.

Deep Eclipse ss02

Deep Eclipse was released on the 21st of December 2012 and is now available from GamersGate, GetGamesGo, and McGames. The current price is $14.99 or €9.99, if you are a fan of space shooters this may be well worth your time so be sure to check out one of the distributors above to find out more. If you like the idea but would rather see it on Steam vote for it here today, for free!

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