Decromancer Hits Steam Greenlight

Unit 9 Apps have recently launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for their Android and iOS based game, Decromancer. If the title didn’t give enough of a hint, the game is a card-battle RPG, and hopes to grace some screens bigger than those provided on phones and tablets.

Players take on the role of a mercenary tasked with a mission of escorting a diplomat through enemy territory. Along this journey, the heroes will encounter mystical creatures and villains, while also discovering and collecting cards to do battle for them, or otherwise giving them access to powerful magic to change the battle in their favor. Decromancer’s battles are a strategic affair, each card summoned having its own attack patterns, passive traits, and special abilities. With hand drawn card images and maps for exploring, as well as a compelling single player campaign, card fans have a lot to immerse themselves in with Decromancer.

With the PC version upon the horizon, the game will also see the addition of some new features, such as new maps, characters, multiplayer, and – exclusive to the PC edition – a redesigning of the game economy.

Card game fans that have access to iOS or Android mobile devices can begin enjoying the game now, as it is already available for free on both devices. Those looking to provide support, or would simply like more information on the game, can swing by the Steam Greenlight page. The community can also help determine whether the game remains free-to-play (with in-game purchases), or switch to a single pay model.

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