Deathstate Looks to Attract Additional Steam Greenlight Support

Game development company Workinman are looking to get their title Deathstate approved through the Steam Greenlight program. Workinman has been responsible for over 40 different game releases, most of which were designed for clients from companies like Disney, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., and Shockwave. Some of their most recent titles include: Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack, Nickelodeon’s Super Brawl 3, Dora’s Magic Land Adventure, and Kung Fu Panda’s Paw’Some Panda.


Inspired by the Hellraiser films and the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Deathstate features a fusion of shoot ’em up, RPG, bullet hell, and rogue-like mechanics. Players explore extra-dimensional planes while uncovering powerful relics and fighting creatures of fantasy and horror. The title relates to the player character’s ability to enter a deathlike meditation, which enables astral projection. During these projections players can visit a number of different planes, including alien ruins, forgotten prisons, noxious swamps, hellish dimensions, and crystallized wastes.


Ancient artifacts and alien technology can be discovered throughout the journey to help combat the waves of monsters that await in these various lands. Demons, mutants, and Cthulian horrors are just some of the dangers that stalk the alternate dimensions. The game is currently being developed as a single player only experience, with plans to release on PC, Mac, and Linux systems. Workinman studios hopes anyone who wishes to support the game will vote “yes” on their Steam Greenlight page and leave comments or suggestions. Others who may simply wish to stay up to date on the project’s latest news can do so from the official Deathstate website.

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