Death in Candlewood Goes for Dark 1940s Nostalgia

Silent Hill, F.E.A.R, BioShock, The Witcher – what do those games have anything to do with the indie scene? The games themselves, perhaps little, but the all-star developers behind those titles are coming together for a project under the studio banner of Rosebud Games. Death in Candlewood is their take on 1940’s America, spun in a sinister open-world FPS.

The story spans a single night in Ray Dune’s life, the protagonist. Psychiatrist Lester Caravan goes bonkers, leaving Caravan’s adopted, handicapped son unsafe. It’s up to Dune to resolve the mess the madman created – “a love story between the living and the dead.” Corpses rise from their graves, and, needless to say, they are unfriendly.

Dune is not helpless, however, and can acquire over 20 conventional weapons. The combat system will take line of sight and noise into account, enabling a stealthier approach to the game. If it comes to a close encounter, the player can dodge blows with slow-motion, cinematic movements. When not battling zombies and other living dead, the player will explore Candlewood, a sprawling space with around 1,000 interactive buildings. The NPCs will have branching dialogue paths and reactive AI that behaves appropriately to a given situation – as will the enemies. To travel, the player can drive a car or swim practically anywhere.

A dark romance story, influenced by Edgar Allan Poe’s work, set in 1940s America – if Death in Candlewood sounds intriguing, check out the Kickstarter campaign for more details about the game. The campaign has just started, with a special discount that nets a copy of the game for $15. This will be Rosebud Games’ first release, and Death in Candlewood is set to finish in about 12 months.

Luke has wide interests in games, from compelling fighting, action, and RPG titles to deeper interactive, storytelling titles that push today's genres and boundaries - especially awesome if they're related to diversity. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or via email.