Dead Realm Offers a Terrifying Game of Hide and Seek

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Dead Realm is an action horror multiplayer game by developer Section Studios and publisher 3BLACKDOT. It’s been almost 100 years since a reclusive electricity tycoon named William Huxley murdered his family and staff in grisly fashion. Among the dead were Huxley’s son, Baby William, and his henchman, known as the “Wolfman.” Players choose a side, either as a ghost or a human, before entering Huxley’s haunted mansion. Humans must find special artifacts and uncover Huxley’s secrets, while the ghost must hunt the humans before they complete their task.

Dead Realm running humans

Dead Realm is currently in Early Access and features 2 game modes, 3 maps, 2 ghost characters, and 8 Human Characters. The game is expected to fully launch in early 2016; when it does, it will have additional characters, maps, and game modes. In fact, 3BLACKDOT  ( EDIT 8/4/2015 : Section Studios) stated “We plan on releasing this content based on what the community wants as well as start building additional features and content that will be prioritized to what our community wants to see.”

Dead Realm Baby William

Dead Realm is currently available on Steam for the price of $14.99 USD, with no plans on increasing the price after the game is completed. For more information on the developer Section Studios, visit their website, and for more info on 3BLACKDOT, follow them on Twitter.

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