Dead in Bermuda Releases New Patch

Some may find the following plot familiar: Eight strangers are stranded on an island, though circumstances are a touch less slapstick. Dead in Bermuda, by CCCP, has released a new patch to further enhance the grueling challenges faced by the unwitting explorers.


A plane flying overseas has crash-landed, and the only ones left to survive are a cast of eight stranded misfits. The player is in control of all the survivors’ choices and actions by using task management skills to discover objects to use while leveling up crafting; this crafting is important to progress deeper in finding the island’s secrets. Every player’s experience is different, thanks to randomly-generated environments, dialogue, and character development.

Patch 1.1 has fixed most of the issues in Dead in Bermuda by correcting bugs, adding Mac support, and implementing German and Russian translations. Survivors are given more dialogue, with the balance of that dialogue completely reworked. The new patch also gives players an easier difficulty level, to make surviving a little more pleasurable. The complete list of patch notes can be found here.


Anyone who owns Dead in Bermuda through Steam will automatically receive the patch through Steam updates. Purchase the game for $14.99 USD on PC or Mac through Steam.

For any more information regarding Dead in Bermuda, be sure to check out the websiteTwitter, or Facebook.

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