Dawn of the Sniper – Zombie Sniper Challenge

The developers at Brutal Studio have brought a sniper challenge to Android tablets and smartphones that promises to keep players on their toes, Dawn of the Sniper. More than a simple point-and-shoot game, players will actually be responsible for the well-being and survival of uninfected humans running through dilapidated buildings in this post-apocalyptic setting, where zombies roam free and unhindered.

Dawn of the Sniper 1

Known for their work in the Stick Squad series, Brutal Studio isn’t straying too far from the sniping genre. Dawn of the Sniper will test the sniping skills of each player throughout several levels as they search for incoming zombies, while they try to protect as many survivors as possible. Players will need to shoot carefully as zombies run across the screen, or to prevent a struggle between a zombie and a fellow survivor. The survivor won’t make it without a well-placed shot through the zombie’s head, but there’s only so much time that they can hold out. Better performances in each level offer more rewards. Players can use these rewards to upgrade the sniper rifle, or to buy new weapons with different stats.

Dawn of the Sniper 2

Dawn of the Sniper is currently available on Google Play for Android devices, with a promised version for iOS devices in the near future. To learn more about this and future Brutal Studio projects, gamers can follow the team on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

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