Dawn of Steel – A Mobile RTS Developed by Industry RTS Veterans

Dawn of Steel is a mobile Real Time Strategy (RTS) game developed by Superweapon and published by Flaregames. The game is easily comparable to PC games of the same genre, which can be attributed to the fact that Superweapon is made up of game industry veterans with experience developing the Lord of the Rings and Command & Conquer RTS franchises at EA.


Dawn of Steel first allows players to create a home base, taking control of a section of land in a large world map. Areas are either controlled by an enemy NPC or another player within the world, and is defended with wall fortifications and cannons of different types. Players attack other bases by building and sending Rigs, which are essentially human-shaped mechs similar to Wanzers from Front Mission, or mobile suits from Gundam. Players can send out up to three Rigs of any type that they have built with the purpose of destroying every part of the base within the time limit, including the command ship that is usually situated in the most heavily-defended area.

Dawn of Steel is currently available on iOS mobile devices for free, and can be downloaded from the AppStore. For more information about other Superweapon games, follow the team on Twitter or like their Facebook page.

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