Das Tal Looking for Steam’s Greenlight With Alpha PVP Footage

Last month, IGM introduced you to Das Tal, a forthcoming MMORPG from German developer Fairytale Distillery.


 Das Tal takes place in a dark fantasy world, where you have been taken prisoner. You, along with hundreds of other prisoners, have been dumped in a dry, dusty valley, where you must quickly learn to survive. In order to do so, you must gain strength and learn skills, find allies among the other prisoners, and establish a stronghold so that you can find a way to escape from the prison valley. But you will quickly find that some of the others may not be so keen to work with you, and in fact have no problem using you as a stepping stone on their way back to the city above the valley. You must defend yourself and your allies from those who would betray you and side with the oppressive regime who first imprisoned you. But you only have a limited time in which to accomplish your goals, because eventually, a climactic battle against your enemies will take place to bring the game to an end. (And then you can play all over again.)


In the previous article, we told you all about the plans for custom character creation, how you will need to craft your own equipment, and how PvP will be totally unrestricted with rewards for cooperation, among other interesting features. We also reported that Fairytale Distillery was planning to release the game to Steam Greenlight before much longer.

Well, that day has arrived.

The devs invite you to have a look at their Steam Greenlight page and, if you like what you see, give it your vote of approval. As of this writing, the game has earned nearly 200 supportive comments, suggesting a similar tally of votes. By way of saying thank you to some of their most loyal fans, the devs have decided to give away five Alpha keys each month. Details about the keys and how to win one can be found here.


Alpha testing has been going very well for the game, too. “The current test world,” Fairytale Distillery tells us, “allows closed Alpha testers face off as part of two teams trying to control the desert themed world. So far, although only early combat systems and plenty of placeholder visuals are being used, the testers have obviously had a lot of fun participating in the fast-paced PvP MMORPG.” The video attached to this article will allow you to see some of the fun these testers are having. If it looks like your cup of tea, it’s not too late to sign up for Alpha testing; just fill in the form found here to experience the game for yourself in its very early stages.

Das Tal will be available to players with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Fully immersive and filled with adventure, it could become one of the most notable MMORPGs of this gaming era. Follow Fairytale Distillery on Twitter and Facebook, and of course over at Steam Greenlight, to watch the story unfold.

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