Darkin Bringing Bloodsucking Action to iOS Devices

DARKINTen Foiled Hat‘s upcoming iOS game, Darkin,¬†throws players into a battle against vampire hordes, where they will need to build allegiances, hone their skills, keep their teeth sharp, and be prepared to drink lots of blood.

Similar to puzzle games of the match three ilk, Darkin features good old fashioned tile matching, but doesn’t put much restriction on players movement to make the connections. Players will be able to link tiles in all different directions, and as many as they can, making for some insane tile-destroying combos.

There are also three clans to raise in ranks, each with their own unique abilities to learn and master, and RPG elements have been thrown in, too, satisfying the urge to improve before waging war against the game’s fierce bosses. With three unique game modes to choose from, each with their own frantic challenges, Darkin seems to offer a good bit of time-killing for gamers on the go.

Those who need to sate their bloodlust and puzzle craving can do so on May 15, the day Darkin unleashes its vampirey action onto the App Store. It will be priced at $2.99 and will not feature in-app purchases, because in the world of vampires, our money is worthless.


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