Dark Way Down – Puzzling Shadows for Mobile Devices

A mobile puzzle game by poemdexterDark Way Down is a monochromatic adventure with a limited number of moves available for each level. You must guide the hero from his place on the small map to the exit, using only light. The creator, Daniel Fairley, was challenged by a friend to not make “another 2-D platformer,” and this was the result.

game_1136_640Gameplay is very simple – you tap where you’d like the character to go. If you don’t make it to the exit in the prescribed number of moves, you lose. The soundtrack is available for download on Soundcloud (by user xezton), and features an electronic, orchestral sound.

After the project concluded, Fairley then put together a postmortem about Dark Way Down. It’s a quick read, and details the various high and low points of development leading up to the game’s final launch, particularly highlighting how he struggled with designing a puzzle game. (Fairley found it difficult to come up with a variety of puzzles that weren’t just simple permutations of one another.)

Dark Way Down is available for free, on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices, and contains no pay-to-play elements, according to the dev. It can also be downloaded on itch.io, should you wish to make a donation for the game.

For more information about Dark Way Down and other projects, visit Fairley’s website/blog, or follow him on Twitter.

Bonnie has been gaming on consoles most of her life, and is a relative newcomer to the world of PC gaming (though a pretty strong convert, as well). She enjoys puzzle and horror games, in particular. Her life outside of IGM is filled with ridiculousness and an undying love for cheese. Feel free to contact her on Twitter!