Dangerous Insects Hops Into Beta

The first game development effort from developer Andrey Prakhov of Prand Games Dangerous Insects is a fully 3D tower defense extravaganza for Mac, Windows and Linux. The game features a variety of locations, and for each passing level, the player needs to use new abilities and solve unique strategic tasks to advance beyond the insect horde.

Unlike say, Plants vs Zombies,  Dangerous Insects is a bit more complex, having the player partake in a battle not to the death, but in the name of life, as plants take on insects, their real-world foes. With a picturseque cartoon setting, and dozens of ways to complete each level, Prakhov’s Dangerous Insects is a tower defense title to look out for upon its release, as the game is currently in beta.

To follow Dangerous Insects’ updates, take a look at the game’s Desura page.