CyberCook Taster Teases a Virtual Kitchen Experience

Whether cooking is an art or a science remains a sizzling topic of discussion, but either way, it’s readily apparent that some are more prone to kitchen mishaps than others. Fear not, because thanks to virtual reality technology, gamers will test their frying pan-handling and vegetable-slicing in CyberCook.

Designed as a hyper-realistic cooking simulator, CyberCook takes advantage of modern simulation tech, utilizing the upcoming Samsung Gear VR (exclusively). An “evolutionary step” from Food Network shows, cookbooks and magazines, the goal of the virtual experience is to get people to practice and experiment in a danger-free environment. Rather than passively watching or reading, CyberCook places the necessary steps in the player’s hands.


Each shrimp, carrot, and onion piece cut by the player rotates individually in a pan. They start to sizzle and gain color, and if the player isn’t careful in frying them evenly, they’ll get burnt. Once they are done to perfection, the player puts the dish on a plate, receiving a score from the game based on how well the recipe is handled. When CyberCook is fully released, it will become a global platform for exchanging recipes from all over the world. Cyber chefs can practice and hone their skills with exotic dishes and eventually be able to order real ingredients and cooking equipment via the game’s services.


As well as offering an engrossing experience, CyberCook dispels the fear of experimenting in the kitchen,” Starship CEO Martin Kenwright said. “You’re involved with every stage of the cookery process. Why learn from a video when you can practice hands-on and without a single bit of waste?

For now, Samsung Gear VR owners can whet their appetites with CyberCook Taster, a free demo downloadable from the Samsung VR App Store. There will also be a non-VR version for mobile devices called CyberCook Slice.

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