Cult Games Workshop’s ‘Dark Future’ Gets a Reboot

Originally released as a board game in 1988, Dark Future is being revamped into a turn-based strategy game by Auroch DigitalDark Future: Blood Red States is set in a post-apocalyptic, future version of America. Its gameplay has been described as “a furious mix of hammering chain-guns, tactical high-speed maneuvers and the ripping of metal as vehicles smash into one another.” With the world collapsing under the pressure of pollution, anarchy, and corruption, players must strive to make their fortune.

dark future game

Dark Future: Blood Red States challenges players with running a Sanctioned Ops agency, and taking on bounty missions beyond the patrolled zones. They must form a team of battle-worthy drivers and conflict-ready cars that will roar into action when the time is ripe, attacking gangcults in exchange for bounty. Collecting bounty provides a means of accessing various upgrades, not limited to but including front-mounted HMGs and a brand new set of bionic eyes that enhance visual acuity during combat.

Dark Future: Blood Red States is supported by The Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health by encouraging humanities, social sciences, education, and the application of research to medicine.


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