Cucco Boom Is Another Silly Mobile Game About Chickens

Cucco Boom

I swear I’m not doing this on purpose, but today I’ve been hooked by another mobile game about getting chickens through a little obstacle course.

If that’s what this week’s theme is going to be, I’m totally okay with that. Yesterday’s game, Tiny Chick, focused on bouncing a little chicken through obstacle courses. Today’s chicken game, Cucco Boom, is a game about sliding chickens through a garden.

Players tap the screen once to get the chicken to slide down to begin the game. Once launched the chicken slides from side to side waiting on the player to tap to signal the chicken to drop down to the next level. Timing is key as there is only one gap to move through and it is slightly bigger than the chicken itself. If you even clip the side of one of the walls on the way down, your chicken will explode.

Cucco Boom tracks your best run (my best score is a paltry 6, —the game is hard, okay?) and you have the option to share your high scores directly to Twitter or Facebook.

For each gap you successfully pass through, your chicken collects one egg. Different skins unlock for collecting various amounts of eggs, so the more you play, the more skins for the chicken you can collect.

Cucco Boom is free, and available now for Android devices on Google Play.

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