Cubic Prism – Flirting With Colors

Cubic Prism logo

Developer Binary Snacks’ Cubic Prism was created as an offshoot of the developer explaining cube rotation. From that rather humble explanation, the developer decided to take things further, turn the explanation into a game, and add a color-changing/pick-up mechanic.

In Cubic Prism, players control, predictably, a cube, where the goal is to reach a hole in the level. Naturally, there are obstacles to keep players from getting to that hole easily. Colored cubes jut out of the floor of each level, and the only way to remove these cubes from the path is to place the matching color right next to it. This is achieved by finding the appropriate color in the level, rolling over it, and flopping the cube in just the right way to have the necessary color facing up. The player’s cube can hold three colors on its various faces at any time, and rolling over a colored square with a colored face – a yellow floor square being hit by a blue cube face, for example – combines the two colors onto the cube’s face (in this case making green. I think).

Cubic Prism screenshot

Cubic Prism is available now for $2.99 USD, though it’s for iOS devices only. Those interested can learn more about Binary Snack from their website. Is this the kind of puzzle game that’s well suited to mobile devices? Would you like to see Cubic Prism on Android devices? Let us know in the comments section!

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