‘Cubemen’ Is Now Available For iPad, 20% Off Launch Sale

Cubemen iPad

3 Sprockets have now released their quickfire strategy title, Cubemen, on to the App Store where you can grab it for your iPad.

Perfect for a pick up and play strategy experience, Cubemen pits red vs. blue in a small cube-based map which can escalate to explosive proportions. The developer, 3 Sprockets, describes Cubemen as a tentative mix of RTS and tower defence – though watching footage of the game really brings to life the fast pace of the gameplay.

Originally released for PC, this iPad release brings all of the elements over to your portable gaming needs, including the the action-packed single player components, PLUS, the game supports multi-platform multiplayer matches. So you can crack out your iPad and start blowing away an opponent playing through Steam on PC, for example.

There are 28 defense levels, 22 skirmishes and five defense modes which, alongside the leaderboards, should keep you going for a while. An extra feature to this version of the game is being able to take a picture of your face and stick it on your Cubemen, because why not?

To pick up your copy of Cubemen you should head on over to the App Store as soon as possible as it is having a launch sale with 20% off, making it $4.49 for a limited time only.

More information on Cubemen can be found on the game’s official website.