Crowfall’s Debut on Kickstarter Continues Big Splash

At the beginning of January, I wrote about the soft-announcement of ArtCraft Entertainment’s enigmatic game, Crowfall, which revealed nothing but the tip of its metaphorical iceberg. However, it still managed to draw a large enough crowd to be news-worthy in the industry.

I think today we can all agree that this marketing strategy has fully and completely paid off, as ArtCraft Entertainment launched an almost instantly successful crowdfunding campaign to get Crowfall on it’s way to completion.


In just a few short hours, the game’s funding campaign has made nearly half of it’s $800,000 USD goal, and is on track to be talking about stretch goals within the next few days. ArtCraft Co-Founder and President, Gordon Walton, feels that crowdfunding has revolutionized the game market, allowing developers access to funds and customers. “The traditional publishing model works for mass-market gaming, but fails to serve many of the more experienced and discriminating gamers. Crowdfunding allows us to serve these customers directly with experiences crafted specifically for them, using their direct feedback and funding.”


Crowfall is hoping to restart the genre with a focus on social aspects, where politics, intrigue, and alliances reign supreme over quest-farming, trolling, and power creeping. ArtCraft Entertainment is planning to craft new experiences for their players with the use of both an eternal map and seasonal maps, along with ever-changing content and fully destructible environments.


In my last article I warned that it seemed Crowfall was making a lot of promises, and it’s often-times easy to promise and difficult to deliver. However, you may notice that they are quelling fears of overreaching promises by showing backers the game’s features, demonstrating and explaining how they’re going to make them work in the final product.

Keep a close eye on Crowfall this year and next as it looks to continue making big waves in the MMO scene. Until then, get involved in the conversation and leave your comments below! Do you think that Crowfall will deliver on all that it hopes to achieve?

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