‘Cross-Side’ New Zany Puzzler Now Available For Pre-Order


For all of you puzzle fanatics out there here is one just for you. Cross-Side is the latest game from Room 1 studio, a one man development team.  Cross-Side is the sequel to the studios highly successful iPhone release Ocarbot.

Set in the same world as Ocarbot expect things in Cross-Slide to get even crazier than the original. After a silly accident in the Lobot Lab two bots Ebot and Rbot have been inextricably linked. Now it is up to you to control these two robots in a way that will allow them to circumvent the many puzzles that lie ahead.

Cross-Side has been created in a distinctly NES style that creates a great retro vibe about the game and provides a rather challenging puzzler. It looks funny, colourful and zany but what is not to love about a game like this?

With 60 levels that spread the gameplay over five zones, expect even the most hardened puzzle veterans to find challenge here. Along with the levels you get 12 in game achievements to strive for along with a variety of silly hats (what else) to unlock.

Cross-Side is currently available for pre-order from the official site  for £1.49 ($2 approx)but is due for release on March 11th. Cross-Side is to be released on iOS, Mac, Windows, Windows 8 and Android available from pretty much every app store.

If you would like to see Cross-Side on Steam you can vote for it via Steam Greenlight and get it onto the popular platform.

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