Cross Reverie – Dark JRPG Explores Eight Characters’ Descent Into Madness

Indie development studio, Sinxsoft, dives into a character-centric story with their upcoming game, Cross Reverie – The Trial of Nightmare. The game is a dark indie JRPG that detracts from the norm of telling one singular and overall plot, and instead focuses on the characters as they develop and face adversity that puts their own existence into question. Will they survive and find a way to return to home? Or are they cursed to fall into the endless spiral of insanity?


Cross Reverie features stylized and colorful 3D visuals inspired by anime and video games, placed within a dark, shadow-filled setting. The story follows an ancient ritual where exceptional warriors from four different nations make up the contestants, fighting to prove themselves worthy and have their one wish fulfilled. Very quickly, however, this ritual twists into a nightmare as each character faces their deepest fears because of an entity known only as the Shadow. With eight characters pulling the main focus of the narrative, the game features several possible endings and encourages multiple playthroughs.

Combat is performed through a strategic turn-based battle system, allowing for combination attacks and finishers, and each character has unique abilities as well, allowing for different play-styles to avoid repetitive gameplay. Cross Reverie will also include a crafting system for weapons and accessories, making sure not to forget the more intensive elements of JRPG’s.


Cross Reverie – The Trial of Nightmare is currently going through it’s Kickstarter campaign, which is scheduled to end on August 5th. By this time, Sinxsoft will need to have reached at least $47,724 in pledges to successfully fund the project for PC, with other consoles available depending on what stretch goals are met. For more information, gamers are encouraged to follow the team’s progress on Twitter, or by liking their page on Facebook.

I'm a big JRPG fan in general, but games with a good story and great characters are what drive me. It touches the writer in me.

  • Johhny Ridden

    I’m really hoping for the PS Vita version now that it has been moved to the first stretch goal along the PS4 version.